I want to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Bush. My Facebook name is C Dot Wayne (my friends call me C. Wayne), and I am the founder and administrator of the Houston Black Owned Restaurant Group (HBOR). I am also the founder of the Black Service Chamber (BSC), and I own a marketing firm: Team Hiploch (THL).

I want to give you a brief history about us, the HBOR and the BSC. We have a successful firm and a good resume. Our clients include Papa John’s, Pepsi, Alzheimer’s Association, American Red Cross, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), and numerous small businesses. We build brands. We focus on digital connectivity, demographics, and geographical locations to increase transactions. That is what we do every day. We put brands in front of buyers.

Why the HBOR?
It is a marketing campaign from our perspective. We founded the BSC after visiting over fifty other chambers around the nation. We wanted to see why there were so many chambers and why black businesses lacked connectivity to black buying power. What we noticed is everyone in the room was a seller. It was business owners selling their products and services to each other, so we wanted to correct it. We wanted to connect black businesses directly to black buying power.

We looked at other successful models and decided that a social media group was the least expensive and the most effective way to connect brands with buyers. We had one challenge left. We had to decide what kind of group. The most successful groups were travel and food. Statistically, they dominated membership. Between the two, COVID gave us the answer, plus food was more economical. Food was a lower price point for members and gave the group a better chance of growing geographically. We also knew we had the organizational and web development skill that would increase the likelihood the group would thrive.

Just the Beginning
BSC is dedicated to connecting black buying power to black businesses. We have successfully connected Houston restaurants to black buying power, but this is the tip of the iceberg for what we have planned. We will connect black buying power to all black-owned businesses worldwide by growing geographically and expanding one market at a time. This is a significant feat, and we are asking for your help. We invite restaurants that have benefited from the time and effort of the BSC team to join the chamber. Join us and help us expand black buying power to all industries across the globe.

Ups and Downs
We have reached out to some business owners, received positive feedback, and have restaurant owners joining the chamber. Unfortunately, we have received some extremely negative feedback as well. Some businesses feel our team should continue to diligently work for their business at no cost to them, and it’s inappropriate to ask them to share the cost of the success of our first marketing campaign: the HBOR. This saddens us because, unlike other chambers who invite members to join for a fee and have not proven their effectiveness, we are asking restaurants to join the BSC after proving our effectiveness.

The Road Ahead
I would personally like to meet with every black business owner in Houston, Texas. I want to know your story. I want you to know our story. I want to show you our vision. We have set reasonable goals that expand over time. We can achieve these goals, but we have to build a team of business owners who work towards the same goals. This is where your restaurant joining the chamber has a huge impact. The impact is not just financial; it is reach as well.

I felt it was time we introduced our team and explained our plan. Below is a link for you to join the chamber. You will see the benefits and costs. I can meet more owners virtually than in-person and create online meetings with multiple owners or individual owners. Just let me know.

Christopher Bush

Christopher Bush

I am a father of four and happily married for over 20 years. I love the outdoors and hike or walk 20 miles per week. I am a true fan of small business, effort and the need for small business to thrive.